For Advertisers

The Business Plaza - a unique way to build your business!,

Business Plaza gives you all the benefits of digital advertising - gone are the days of boring, static, paper based advertising - we offer you the opportunity to develop your competitive advantage and grow your business in the face of an increasingly demanding market, simple and efficiently.

For less than the price of a cup of morning coffee, you can create and display a compelling vision of your goods and services
to a target audience who are motivated, receptive and ready to work
with you as a visible
sponsor of their sports club, association or community group.

With Business Plaza you dont have to wait for potential customers to visit your website or read a newspaper or
booklet - we pro-actively facilitate contact with your target audience by regular email and newsletter,
highlighting any promotions, special offers or opportunities to attract business to you, not your competition!

Yes, your business changes and so should your advert, otherwise you run the risk of stale content
that is of little or no interest. Experience flexibility and dynamism when you advertise with Business Plaza.

In summary:

  • We have a strong base of motivated consumers in your area. If not, we will develop one for you
  • We offer you an effective, flexible, modern approach to building your business
  • You become a supporter of your local club or communitythat automatically makes
    you supplier of choice for members and supporters
  • We market you for a full year
  • It's surprisingly inexpensive


Members of sports clubs amd communities really do support those that support them, which makes this better than ‘Word of Mouth Marketing’. If you want to make your advertising work harder, improve your return on investment and still be cost effective, then Business Plaza is for you. As an advertiser you are in good company with other major, national and local advertisers. And it works! To book an advertisement now Click Here