About Us

Business Plaza is one of the major sponsors of sports clubs, associations, schools and community groups around the world. Currently, we support around 11,000 clubs with a total of 13 million members throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Our approach is unique.

Our focus is to work with progressive clubs that have a strong community and youth element. Our aim is to develop an ongoing revenue stream for these clubs that is not dependent on purchases or their financial commitment.

We will assume the responsibility for engaging local, regional, national and international advertisers to promote their own businesses on the Business Plaza web site that we create specifically for each club, school or community group. We are happy to work alongside the current sponsorship or fund raising team to avoid any crossover and to generate incremental revenue for their respective club.

The key points are:

  • There will never be any cost to the club, no one has to buy or sell anything and the revenue we generate and share with the club is not dependent on click through or activity through the web site
  • We do not wish to access your member details nor will we make direct contact with the club members or your current sponsors unless by prior agreement
  • Your current sponsors will be included on the web portal that we will develop free of charge - they will continue to provide direct sponsorship to the club
  • Any sponsors/advertisers that we attract to the site may also be approached by the club and offered value added opportunities such as signage (bill boards, hoardings etc) if appropriate
  • Business Plaza will donate a large proportion of all revenue that we generate to the club
  • Business Plaza will encourage all advertisers to become involved in supporting the club, making promotions, special deals and physically interacting with members at major events.